Thekittchen Recipes Restaurants Travel Around The World!

Our love for food and travel will never end, so we are always hunting for the best food in town and the best destinations to visit, have fun, and make memories. Meanwhile, some people like to blog about it and share their newly founded recipes, travel experiences, and more. The kitchen recipes restaurants travel is like that!

Kit Graham founded TheKittchen Recipes restaurants in 2011; her unending love for food and travel couldn’t stop her from documenting everything related to the best food and travel on her website. The Chicago-based traveler and food blogger has tons of recipes and some fantastically amazing destinations to share with you all. 

So, if you want to fall in love with the amazing food and some of the best destinations again, let’s dig deeper and discuss the Kitchen to learn what you can expect and get from this website. 

thekittchen recipes restaurants travel

What is Thekittchen Recipes Restaurants Travel

The Kitchen recipes restaurants Travel is a food and travel blog by Kit Graham, founded in 2011. On this page, she inspires others to get into the Kitchen and cook one of the most delicious meals they have ever had at home, and she suggests the best restaurants and dining options for her followers visiting out. 

She is not only limited to food but travels as well. So, suppose you are planning a trip to downtown Chicago. In that case, Graham talks about hundreds of locations that are safe to visit in Chicago and outside of Chicago, providing visitors with several activities and attractions to look for. 

Growing up in a household where food channels were the most-watched, it became obvious for Graham to share the same interests as their parents. And her inspiration to see and explore the world came from a 90s travel show named Travelers. At first, she managed her Thekittchen website with a 9 to 5 job but later left it and became a full-time blogger.

What’s the History Behind Thekittchen?

The Kitchen has always been about food, travel, and nothing else. The visitors to this page often come across different food recipes made by Graham and travel destinations experienced by her. From the beginning, Graham has been very precise about her recipes and travel destinations in order to make them easy to understand for her readers. 

The Kitchen is a go-to source for food and travel enthusiasts, as it contains a mixture of all the recipes from around the world and some really good destinations to visit while you can. The Kitchen has a strong social media presence on platforms where followers can engage with Kit and stay up to date on her latest recipes and travel adventure!

thekittchen recipes restaurants travel

What’s so Special about Thekittchen?

One thing that sets The Kitchen apart from other food and travel blogs is its focus on entertaining and hosting events. Kit Graham provides tips and ideas for everything from simple dinner parties to more elaborate events like weddings and holiday gatherings. She offers advice on menu planning, table settings, and decor and provides step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful and memorable events. 

Another special aspect of The Kitchen is the variety of recipes it offers. Kit Graham shares a wide range of dishes, from fast and easy weeknight meals to more complex and gourmet recipes. She also provides options for different dietary needs, including vegetarian and gluten-free recipes for visitors alike. 

Additionally, The Kitchen features beautiful photography that showcases the dishes in an appealing and appetizing way. Kit Graham’s writing style is also engaging and personable, making the blog an enjoyable read for foodies and home cooks alike. Overall, The Kitchen is a great resource for anyone who loves cooking, entertaining, or simply appreciating good food.

Things You Can Find in The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a food and travel blog that offers a large range of content for its readers. Here are some of the things you can find in The Kitchen: 

Recipes: the blog features a variety of recipes, including appetizers, main dishes, drinks, and desserts. Most recipes are designed to be easy to follow and use fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Cooking tips: The Kitchen provides helpful cooking tips and techniques, such as how to chop an onion or make the perfect omelet, giving her readers an easy and interesting way out of hectic chopping and cooking. 

Travel Stories: Besides food-related content, Thekittchen also features travel stories and tips from Kit’s trips worldwide, presenting readers with the most exotic and comfy locations ever. 

Entertaining ideas: The Kitchen offers tips and ideas for entertaining at home, such as setting a beautiful table or creating a DIY cheese board to keep the readers occupied and happy. 

Product Reviews: Thhekittchen occasionally reviews kitchen tools and products, such as blenders or air fryers, to help readers make informed purchasing decisions without wasting money. 

Interviews: Kit occasionally interviews other food bloggers, chefs, or cookbook authors to learn their favorite recipes, cooking tips, and inspirations to share with her readers. 

Giveaways: Thekittchen sometimes offer giveaways, such as cookbooks or kitchen gadgets, to its readers to show appreciation for their support.

thekittchen recipes restaurants travel

Some Popular Food Recipes in Thekittchen

The Kitchen features a variety of delicious recipes that many readers love. Here are some of the popular recipes on Thekittchen:


In the breakfast section, Kit shares some delicious yet healthy food recipes which are quick to make and won’t take hours in the Kitchen. From cooking eggs in 21 ways to providing 20+ weekend brunch recipes, Kit covered it all for food lovers. 

Some of their famous breakfast recipes include scrambled egg grilled cheese, chocolate chip pancakes, raspberry lemon scones, and easy two-ingredient chia seed pudding. 


Lunch recipes shared by Kit Graham are an absolute mood booster, so depending upon your taste preferences and dietary needs, you can look for some of the best recipes in Thekittchen, including superfood salad bowls with crispy chicken, baked potato grilled cheese, buffalo chicken quinoa salad, and rainbow roasted vegetable sandwich, you can try these lunch recipes to provide yourself the perfect balance of proteins and other nutrients.


Dinner is an important meal that gives your body the necessary nutrients to refuel after a busy day. A good dinner recipe should be well-balanced and satisfying enough to keep you full until the next day. Some popular dinner recipes Kit shared include an easy vegetarian lasagna recipe, mushroom and goat cheese omelets, pot roast with mashed potatoes, butter chicken with bell peppers, and tacos. 

Side Dish

Many people love having side dishes with their meals, so they always search for quick and easy-to-prepare dishes. So, suppose you are also looking to prioritize your food preferences and want to experiment with the ingredients to keep things interesting. 

In that case, you can try chorizo sage stuffing, Irish mashed potatoes, roasted garlic, parmesan, brown butter mashed potatoes, blue cheese, Au Gratin, and maple pecan sweet potatoes. 


Cocktails are a fun way to enjoy the flavors of ingredients in a single drink. And, when one adds garnishes to cocktails for aesthetic and flavor purposes, it becomes more delicious. Cocktails can be a fun way to socialize and enjoy yourself, so you can take some of Graham’s recipes to create the best cocktails. 

The recipes include easy spritz recipes, how to make negroni slushy, rose sangria, and watermelon spritz. 


Desserts should be balanced and should not be overly sweet or rich. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new dessert recipes and ingredients. Try combining different flavors and textures to create something unique and delicious. 

You can try some of Graham’s dessert recipes, including donut ice cream sandwiches with Hudsonville ice cream, easy ice cream parfaits, whiskey caramel, and chocolate buttercream cupcakes. 


Appetizers are the small dishes served before a meal to stimulate the appetite and set the tone for the meal, which is why sometimes it becomes tough for us to choose flavors that complement the rest of our meal. 

And, as appetizers are meant to be light and flavorful, Graham provides you with exactly that. Some recipes she shared include bacon cheeseburger stuffed peppers, easy guacamole without cilantro, Caesar dip, and a giant grilled cheese appetizer. 

Some Popular Travel Tips Shared in Thekittchen

The Kitchen, being one of the best travel blogs of all time, offers a variety of travel-related tips and advice to its readers to make their traveling experience worth every penny. Some of the popular travel tips shared in Thekittchen include: 

Packing: whenever packing for a trip, consider using packing cubes to keep the customer’s clothes organized and maximize space in your luggage. Rolling clothes instead of folding them can help save extra space in your luggage. 

 If you are traveling with kids, consider bringing snacks, games, and activities to keep them occupied during a flight or car ride. This will help you all enjoy yourselves while traveling to your destination.

Planning: plan your trip by researching your destination and listing things you want to see or do. This can help ensure that you make the most of your time and don’t miss out on any must-see attractions.

Transportation: consider using public or registered transportation services on your trip to save money, reduce the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads, and remain safe during your trip. 

Budgeting: always set a travel budget and stick to it by planning your expenses and keeping track of your spending during the trip. This will ensure that you are not losing your pockets. 

Safety: take precautions to stay safe while traveling, such as keeping your passport and valuables in a secure location, avoiding unsafe neighborhoods, and staying aware of your surroundings. 

Local experience: explore local neighborhoods and try local cuisine to get a taste of the destinations you visit. Consider taking a food tour or hiring a local guide to show you around. 

Remember, the key to a successful trip is planning, staying organized, and being open to new experiences. You can make the most of your adventure with these tips from The Kitchen. 

Does Thekittchen Talk about Life as well?

Apart from food and travel, The Kitchen also focuses on life, in which she shares blogs related to life. So, if you choose to stop by this category of the Kitchen, you can find some interesting relative stuff as well.

Some of the topics covered in The Kitchen are as follows: 

Self-care: The Kitchen offers advice on self-care, such as taking time for yourself, getting enough sleep, and engaging in activities that can bring you joy. 

Mindfulness: Thekittchen discusses the benefits of mindfulness, such as reducing stress, increasing happiness, and practicing mindfulness, such as breathing exercises. 

Mental health: The Kitchen acknowledges your mental health needs and suggests advice on maintaining good mental health, such as practicing self-compassion. 

Personal growth: The Kitchen shares its views on developing personal growth and achieving personal goals by staying motivated and developing new habits.

Life lesson: The Kitchen occasionally shares personal stories and life lessons learned, providing readers with a glimpse of the author’s life and experiences. 

Overall, Thekittchen takes a holistic approach to wellness and personal growth, recognizing that a healthy lifestyle involves not just good food or travel but also self-care and personal development. 

What kind of Videos does Thekittchen Post?

The Kitchen posts multiple video content on its website or social media channels featuring cooking tutorials, travel destinations and the things to do, behind-the-scenes footage of recipe development, and so much more. Additionally, Kit Graham, the founder of, The Kitchen, has a youtube channel where she shares recipe videos and cooking tips. You can find her youtube channel by searching “Kit Graham” on the youtube platform. 

In summary, The Kitchen is a food and travel blog run by Kit Graham, a food and travel writer based in Chicago. The blog features a variety of recipes, food-related travel tips, and lifestyle content such as home decor and entertaining ideas. 

While Thekittchen primarily focuses on food and travel, Kit occasionally shares views about her life experiences as well. 

Lastly, we believe that we were able to give you a comprehensive talk about what the kitchen recipes restaurants travel is all about, where it originated from, and what you can find in this blog. It’s worth noting that the website is quite appealing to the eyes as it has got so much to offer to its readers, who are also food and travel enthusiasts, the same as Kit Graham, the founder of The Kitchen. The kitchen recipes restaurants travel can be your ultimate destination! 

The Kitchen is very quick to give reviews of restaurants and cafes that offer the best food in town. So, you can find anything and everything in the Kitchen.

Right from weekend brunches to complex dinner meals, the Kitchen is an expert when it comes to preparing a variety of dishes.

The visitors can click on the "travel" category by visiting thekittchen's website to find the travel tips shared by Kit Graham, out on her own experiences. 

The readers can find the Kitchen on social media for the latest cooking recipes and travel tips, as she is very active on all her social media platforms.

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